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Housing, population work underway in Robinvale

Housing, population work underway in Robinvale

Experts in housing and population data have started work on two studies that will help Council, Government and private industry alleviate Robinvale’s housing shortage and attract investment.

Consultants from Holmes Dyer are working on a housing strategy and recently visited Robinvale for their first round of interviews.

They spoke with government and Council representatives, a local real estate agent and a representative from Mallee Family Care. Next visit, they will meet with industry representatives, especially local growers and corporate entities.

Mayor Ann Young said Robinvale’s housing shortage was well known, and could result in poor living conditions for itinerant workers and a lack of suitable housing for skilled workers.

“This strategy will come up with short and long term plans that Council, Government and private enterprise can implement together, to improve the housing situation in Robinvale,” she said.

Meanwhile, consultants from Geografia will interview local people and analyse economic data to get a true picture of Robinvale’s population.

“We find it difficult to get a handle on Robinvale’s true population. We believe the Census results are not reflecting the actual number of people living in the Robinvale area, which is challenging when seeking appropriate levels of Government investment in things like health, education and emergency services for the community,” Cr Young said.

“Once this work is complete, we will have evidence-based data that tells us Robinvale’s real population, and we can use that to seek investment in Robinvale and to better determine levels of service delivery .

“Please if you are asked to be part of these investigations, give the consultants your honest opinions and information – the more they can access, the better outcomes we will achieve.”

Both investigations will be completed by mid-2019.