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Budget adopted, 2.05 per cent rate rise

Budget adopted, 2.05 per cent rate rise

Total revenue: $52.25 million
Revenue raised from rates: $23.89 million
Capital works and assets expenditure: $17.59 million

Swan Hill Rural City Council’s 2017/18 budget includes a low 2.05 per cent average rate rise.

While the average rate rise is 2.05 per cent, the actual change for individual property owners will vary and will depend on the property’s new valuation which is based on a property’s value on 1 January 2018. The new valuations took place from 1 July 2018.

Dryland farmers will also find that a higher discount has been applied to their rates this year, to counteract high increases in property values and in a bid to distribute rate increases more equitably across property types.

Under the budget, which was adopted in June, core Council services will be maintained, along with the delivery of a wide range of new capital projects.

Features include

$17.6 million in capital works, with additional funding for road and building maintenance across the municipality

Additional funding allocated for local communities to deliver projects from their Community Plans

Mayor Les McPhee said the 2018/19 budget was prepared to support the key result areas in the Council Plan 2017-21, as well as other community goals identified through a range of forums and consultations.

“Councillors and staff worked hard to get the balance right in this budget,” Cr McPhee said.

“And while the rate cap poses challenges as we formulate and deliver each annual budget, we were determined to minimise financial pressure on the community, while maintaining, and in some cases enhancing, community services.”

Cr McPhee also thanked the community for taking the time to get involved.

“We received two submissions to the budget this year, and I would like to thank those members of our community for taking the time to read the document and provide feedback.

“I’m confident that what we have developed is both practical and delivers for our communities and I look forward to working with Councillors, staff and the community to deliver the projects listed Budget.”

You can download a copy of the budget below or pick up a hard copy from Council offices in Swan Hill and Robinvale.

Community highlights

Community Plan implementation $11,000

Boundary Bend
Community Plan implementation $58,000

Lake Boga
Plan and build the Lake Boga education hub $420,000*
Lake Boga Recreation Reserve playground $54,000
Community Plan implementation $20,000

Community Plan implementation $27,000

Nyah District
Resurface Nyah netball court $63,000
Nyah West Senior Citizens kitchen renewal $25,000
Scope and design performance stage and public toilets in Nyah West $20,000
Community Plan implementation $15,000

Community Plan implementation $10,000

Spoon drain work at Palmer and Monday streets, Woorinen South $28,000 (Roads to Recovery)
Community Plan implementation $10,000

Beautify Bromley Road $805,000*
Design and construct the Robinvale Town Levee $600,000*
Robinvale Community Centre building refurbishment $102,000
Robinvale Recreation Reserve playground $58,000
Community Plan implementation $34,000

Swan Hill
Deliver projects identified from the Swan Hill Riverfront Masterplan $1.87 million
Upgrade facilities at the Swan Hill Regional Livestock Exchange $1.15 million
Build Ken Harrison Reserve Soccer Pavilion $520,000*
Group fitness room at Swan Hill Leisure Centre $400,000*
Design for Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery redevelopment $300,000*
Swan Hill Aerodrome lighting upgrade $230,000
Upgrades to the Pioneer Settlement day product $150,000
Swan Hill CBD drainage upgrade stage 3, from Splatt to Beveridge $147,000
Milloo Street boat ramp extensions and upgrades $120,000
Swan Hill Indoor Sports Centre refurbishment $60,000

Other highlights
Sealed road reconstruction, resealing and shoulders $3.12 million (includes some Roads to Recovery projects)
Unsealed road resheets $978,000 (includes some Roads to Recovery funded projects)
Footpaths major repairs and renewal $170,000
Disabled kerb crossings, Swan Hill and Robinvale $31,000
Bicycle paths construction $31,000*
New bus shelters $51,000*
Library collection purchases $130,000
L2P Learner Driver Program Swan Hill and Robinvale $69,000*
Playground equipment renewal and fencing $105,000

* Indicates total project cost is conditional on external funding