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Provide feedback on Council’s performance

Provide feedback on Council’s performance

Swan Hill Rural City residents are being asked to give their feedback on Council’s performance through the 2018 Community Satisfaction Survey.

Representatives from independent research company National Field Services will make phone calls to randomly selected phone numbers starting Monday, 19 February.

The surveys will continue for up to three weeks and will include residents from across the municipality. About 400 residents are expected to be surveyed.

Swan Hill Rural City Council’s Chief Executive Officer John McLinden encouraged residents to take part if they were contacted.

“The Community Satisfaction Survey is just one way for residents to provide feedback on the areas of Council’s performance they are satisfied with and the areas they would like to see improved,” Mr McLinden said.

“The survey results always form an important part of Council’s continuous improvement program.

“If you receive a survey phone call, please take the time to get involved and let us know how you view Council’s performance.”

Your details and individual responses are confidential – only the overall results are shared with Swan Hill Rural City Council. Overall survey results will be released through a report to Councillors at an Ordinary Council Meeting later this year.

Similar surveys will be undertaken across Victorian councils in the coming months.

Copies of previous survey results can be found here.