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Planning priorities for Robinvale

Planning priorities for Robinvale

The Robinvale Community Plan is now in final draft form and is ready for one last round of community input.

A Community Plan information session will be held on Wednesday, 27 July at the Robinvale Resource Centre to go over the finer details of the plan and to gather community input into prioritising projects.

Council’s Community Planning Officer Chris Rowlands said that the amount of community input into the plan so far had been fantastic.

“We have had an incredible response throughout the whole process, which has resulted in a plan that the Robinvale community can truly call their own,” Mr Rowlands said.

“We are now looking for direction into which projects residents would like to see completed first, as well as getting more members to join the planning group.

“On the night we will go through each of the priority areas identified in the plan and start to put together a project timeline to focus on.”

Copies of the plan are available from the Robinvale Resource Centre, via the link below and will also be available on the night.

For more information contact Chris Rowlands on 5036 2447 or crowlands@swanhill.vic.gov.au.

Community information session details

When: Wednesday, 27 July
Time: 6pm
Where: Robinvale Resource Centre, 72 Herbert Street