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Yamagata Mayor will visit in July

Yamagata Mayor will visit in July

Yamagata City Mayor Akio Ichikawa will visit our region in July, following an invitation from Swan Hill Rural City Council Mayor Michael Adamson.

Mr Ichikawa will arrive on 2 July with 10 city officials and about 40 Yamagata citizens, staying for three nights. The visit will be part of our Sister City relationship’s 35th anniversary.

Cr Adamson said he was looking forward to such a wonderful chance to share experiences and learn about each others’ cultures.

“It is really exciting that the Mayor of Yamagata will come to Swan Hill for the 35th anniversary, and that he will be joined by such a large delegation of officials and local residents,” Cr Adamson said.

“The Swan Hill Yamagata Club has put together a great itinerary for the group while they are here, including trips to local farms and the Pioneer Settlement,” he said.

“Of course there will also be a number of events to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Sister City relationship, and I’m excited that the Yamagata Mayor will be here to take part in those.”

Following the Yamagata delegation’s visit to Swan Hill, Cr Adamson will join a group of about 25 Swan Hill region residents as they travel to Japan. Cr Adamson will spend five nights in Yamagata, meet with the Mayor and city officials, tour the city and be home-hosted for most of his stay.

The Sister City relationship between Swan Hill Rural City and Yamagata City was signed in August 1980. Every second year, groups of Swan Hill and Yamagata students take part in an exchange. Regular citizen trips between the two cities have also taken place, with community members paying their own way to take part in the group tour.